Some of the Services I Offer

B2B: Promotional Video

Complete production from photo and video capture, editing, coordinating multiple projects, and hosting on platforms such Vimeo.  Will work with assets provided by the client and access royalty free media as required. Please contact Ian Davis Photography for more information.

Specialized Photography

There are many things you can do with imagery. The overhead image is printable at 8ft x 5ft at nearly 240dpi.  It was created by flying a drone along a precise grid pattern, taking photos at specific intervals and then stitching these images together with software.  The photos were captured during a construction phase of the Ranney Falls Hydro Generating plant in 2018.  You can download this file to see the sort of detail you can expect: Download image file. (56Mb)

Do you have an idea for an image? Contact Ian Davis Photography to discuss your idea.

Corporate Photography

From my library of high quality images, I’ve provided interior designers with localized, high quality imagery for their institutional projects. This example is a commissioned photograph that was applied to a backlit display mounted in the dining room at Island Park Retirement Home.

In addition, I capture high quality interviews and testimonials for corporate and not-for-profit clients.

Please contact Ian Davis Photography for more information.

Documentation of a Project's Critical Phase

Using multiple cameras, I will document key phases in a project. In this example. cameras were located upstream and downstream of the bridge, a drone flown overhead, and a roving camera used for still photography. The footage was then used to create an example video. (Note: I operated as Birds-i Digital Imagery.)

Please contact Ian Davis Photography for more information.

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