I really enjoy printing and framing my images. A few years ago, I purchased a larger format, 10-colour Canon Pro 10 printer. This printer uses pigment inks and when combined with 100% cotton rag papers and canvas, my giclée prints are archival quality. In other words, they are fade resistant and will last for a very long time. (When I do outsource printing, the print house uses a similar standard of paper/canvas.)

Most of my frames are built  from locally sourced wood, primarily basswood from central east Ontario. The wood is cut to size and the frames assembled in my son’s woodshop outside of Warkworth. There, acid-free mat board is cut to size and matched with, most recently, non-glare glass. The final framed print is made of premium quality components.  The prints would fit the “100-mile Diet” standard . . . if it was food.

All of the prints shown in the images below are available for purchase. If If one isn’t in stock they can be ordered. You can also purchase just the print for you to have framed.  I will ship  to customers in far away or nearby locations.

For more information on prints please email me at shop@iandavis.photography(Click on any image below for an enlarged display.)

My Latest Prints

These prints are my most recent physical creations . . . 3 metal, 5 canvas, and 1 acrylic.  Most often, I print and frame images in the more traditional print behind glass style. This time around I figured I’d shake things up and the results are, IMHO, exceeded my expectations. I’ve sold three of them already and subsequently reordered replacements.

Some of my other prints ready for hanging.

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