St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

For over 125 years, St. Andrews  Church was a fixture in the small, Ontario town of Hastings. As with many places of worship in Canada, shrinking congregations have made many buildings and facilities redundant.  Several years ago, the Hastings and Warkworth congregations amalgamated. This church in Hastings was decommissioned and recently purchased by a local couple.  While the intention of the new owners is to preserve the building as much as possible, I took extra time to document the church’s details while on a real estate shoot.  The stained glass windows, some commissioned by family members who lost loved ones in the First World War, grace this building. And the hours and hours of work it took to paint the mural behind the altar speaks to the devotion of church-goers back then. Now, after 125+ years of Sunday services, the chair at the pulpit is but a symbol of times past.

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