My Photography

Presqu'ile Lighthouse at night along the shore ice

My photographic interests lean towards black & white and night images. I like the moody nature of “dark” where things aren’t always what they seem. But I also like colours, particularly when they are strong.

When I shoot, I know the initial photograph is just the starting point.  I usually have an idea of what I want as a final product but sometimes working on a photo yields new thoughts.  From experience I know that a lot of the magic occurs during this editing.

Often my landscape images have a degree of surrealness to them. I recall what I was feeling at the point of capture and then creatively apply this to the image. I might have been feeling whimsical.  Or sad.  Sometimes I want to say something. Quite often it’s a sense of wonder and amazement.

My photos span quite a range of subject matter.  The galleries are a mix of activities and specific subjects.  Most are available in some printed form and more are in the works.

Currently, I have a prints in a variety sizes. Many are framed and ready to hang. Others matted and waiting for your frame.  I also have a tremendous variety of art cards.  I hope to have an online store up and running in the very near future.

My Most Recent Gallery

Quetico PP Night Sky Poster
Quetico Provincial Park



Lago de Chapala from the Mirador
San Antonio in Black & White
Former Prison Offices & Barracks
Isla Mezcala in Black & White
Spitfire at Golden Hour
Airshows - 2019
Bee in Flight
Insects & Flowers
Hamilton Harbour at Night
Day Lily after Rain
What's in my Garden?
Upstream from the Gazebo
Close to Home
Pyramid Mountain
Landscapes in Black & White
Belleville Night Tour - LED coloured bridge
Belleville Night Tour - Colour or B&W?
Forest Glare
Inside St Andrews - Hastings-15
St. Andrews Church - Hastings
Entering Stirling along Mill Street
North of Belleville
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