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ME . . . relaxing just before sunset on the south shore of Lake Superior . . .on the “U.P.”  This was the first night of a cross-continent adventure.

While Campbellford is now my home, I’m originally from St. Catharines (in the Niagara Region).  Along the way, I made stops at various points in Northwestern Ontario, Labrador, and then back to Niagara for a few years.  From 1988 to the present, I’ve lived alongside the Trent Severn Waterway.

My grandfather was my first inspiration in photography. While my dad and many other parents had some form of 35mm camera—mandatory for capturing family events and holidays—my grandfather was “into” photography. He would go out and take pictures “just because”. Grandpa spent time in darkrooms, tried different cameras, had hundreds and hundreds of slides and prints. He showed me what a contact sheet was. Unfortunately, just as I got started with one of his older cameras, he passed away. But at least he passed along the bug.

Throughout the years, I shot a lot of photos with various film and digital gear. When I was a bush pilot in northern Canada, I always traveled with two things; a fishing pole and my manual Mamiya SLR. Many, years later, I realized that I had a decent eye and my interest was veering towards “serious” photography.

The colours and shapes that inspire me . . . I started focusing on the creative aspects of photography over the last few years. My interests lean towards black & white and night images. I like the moody nature of “dark” where things aren’t always what they seem to be. But I also like colours, particularly when they are strong.  Whether zooming in on flowers (with the tiny denizens of their foliage) or capturing interesting land and waterscapes, I do try and find at least one element of the scene that warrants further attention.

There is still so much to discover

Contact Me:

Ian Davis
Campbellford, Ontario
Canada   K0L 1L0

Voice/text: 705.868.5568

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