Welcome to my photography.

What Inspires Me?

I’m a voyeur. Not of people but of locations without people present. People may be around somewhere . . . sleeping perhaps . . . or over the next hill . . . or even walking away into the darkness. I purposefully choose scenes where I’m likely the only one at that moment in time soaking up what’s before them.

I don’t buy into the concept that a photographer must be a “visual storyteller”. Why? A photograph–or a series of photos–can certainly tell a story. However, when I’m shaping images, I want the viewer to enjoy the moment without having to find “the story”. Just soak it in. When I look at other works of art, I might say “wow”, “cool”, or “that’s beautiful”. I simply want to feel the visual experience and not think about it. And I want my own art to reflect this.

I don’t photograph to document. I photograph knowing the creative process begins at that moment. It’s not simply a case of embellishing or distorting—although this might happen–but rather to craft the “based-on-reality” image into something more visually relaxing and pleasing, something that doesn’t need words to explain.

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