San Antonio Tlayacapan in Black & White

In February 2020, I visited my brother and his partner at their home in the Chapala area south of Guadalajara, Mexico. It was fascinating to see how different their neighbourhoods were compared to typical Canadian residential areas.  The blocks and streets were in a grid system but were largely contained in what amounted to a continuous wall immediately abutting the the sidewalks.  These walls consisted of residential exteriors, security walls, gated driveways, small businesses and stores, the occasional urban farm-lot . . . all broken up by doors, gates and secured windows. There is no such thing as a front yard (well, in a few gated gringo residences perhaps).  Most homes had an interior space and many had miradors (rooftop patios). The side streets were all constructed of cobbles and sand.  Adding the 5000′ elevation to this, walking was very tough for the uninitiated.

San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco, Mexico.

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