Where can you (or have you already) seen my work?

You may have unknowingly seen my “day job” work—both images and video—on real estate listings or in web advertisements for businesses far and wide. Or, you may have seen photographs in several Northumberland Country Recycling calendars or editions of the Canadian Almanac.

As for my real passion though, fine art photography, I’ve only been exhibiting for the past 5 years. The list below gives you an idea of where I’ve been. (This, of course, is outside of the video shorts and photos I’ve uploaded to Instagram, Vimeo, and Facebook).

  • SPARK Photo Festival – Peterborough (2023 & 2018)
  • Cobourg Waterfront Festival (2023 planned & 2019)
  • Pomona Restaurant (2023)
  • Capers Tap House and Grill – Solo show (2023 & 2019)
  • Colborne Municipal Office (2022)
  • Northumberland Hills Hospital (2020/21)
  • Spirit of the Hills Virtual Gallery (2020)
  • Sienna Living – 3 permanent displays (2019)
  • SOTH Juried Show – Parrott Gallery (2019)
  • Warkworth Public Library 2019/2020
  • Snapshots Artist of the Month (2019)
  • Spirit of the Hills Square Foot Sale (2019)
  • SOTH Juried Show – Art Emporium by the River (2018)
  • Campbellford Farmers Market (2018)

The Colborne Art Gallery is my first “permanent” exhibit space. It’s a very cool location that all  members are working hard to bring more awareness to. It really is a hidden jewel. Currently, each of the 10 members provide art for each of the shows throughout the year. Often, there are solo shows in one of three gallery rooms.  For this year, Ken Solilo and I are holding our Two Perspectives of Water exhibit in gallery 3.

Hours: Thursday thru Sunday, 12pm


Gallery Hours

Thursday — Sunday 12pm – 4pm
Closed Thursdays after Thanksgiving

Contact Information

(905) 355-1798
51 King St. E., Colborne, ON   K0L 1L0

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