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Thanks for stopping by my website. By exploring these pages you’ll get a pretty good idea of my photography interests and efforts. While I do update this site often, I more regularly upload images to Instagram https://instagram.com/iandavis.photography

Recently, I stepped back from my usual land -, water-, nightscape photography and photographed people. I’ve always photographed people but I very rarely used a model as the subject. For me, at least, it’s challenging to work with people.

One such print, The Discoverers, is one print made up from 4 individual photos. My goal was to produce a print with a watercolour feel to them. When this final image was printed on a very high quality, etching-type paper, I achieved my goal.

Without going into too much detail on how I shot this, I set up a white backdrop in my kitchen, used a combination of LED shop lights, 2 off-camera flashes, and placed staggered plants (and a globe) on various stools and stands to create a sense of depth. My intention was to intentionally over-expose the image to allow the models’ features to shine through. I’m very pleased with the result and will work on this concept with others.

The other two photos, Is Anyone Out There and Man Sitting in a Lake have similar pre-production element so I’ll spare you the details. But contact me if you are curious on how I shot them.

If you like art, plan to visit a new show at The Colborne Art Gallery.  I’m a member of The Colborne Art Gallery (& Spirit of the Hills Art Association Art Association). Our gallery’s fifth and final show for 2023 is entitled “Winter – THE ART OF GIVING”. The members have brought a wonderful array of art, many such items the are perfect gifts. From paintings to fine art photography, from jewellery to pottery, from nick-nacks to art cards, there is something for every budget.

The Colborne Art Gallery is in Colborne’s downtown, just 4 minutes south of the 401 (the Big Apple exit). Hours: 12-4, Thursday thru Sunday.  FREE ADMISSION

Mark these 2023 Dates in Your Calendar!!

Colborne Ontario
10th Annual Juried Show
September 7 – November 5

Campbellford Ontario
Spirit of the Hills Member Artist Solo Show
June 19 – August 27

Cobourg Ontario
Cobourg Waterfront Festival
June 30 – July 2

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